EDI Files Transmission: Control Numbers

EDI Files Control Numbers described in today’s post refer to Delhaize EDI documents that are being sent from one to another business partners. EDI Files Control Numbers description will cover the explanation of Control Numbers of an EDI file.

EDI FilesEDI Files – Control Numbers

Control Numbers are included in all header and trailer segments as an additional means of tracking and confirming EDI transmissions. Control numbers issued in the header segments must match control numbers assigned in the trailer segments. An ISA control number must match the IEA control number, the GS control number must match the GE control number, and the ST control number must match the SE control number in each EDI transmission, or there could possibly be errors. Control numbers are assigned within your EDI translation software when each EDI document is created.

Example of EDI Document Structure

The following is a brief diagram outlining the hierarchy of an EDI transmission.

*ISA Interchange Control Header

           **GS Functional Group Header

                                           **ST Transaction Set Header

                                                                Detail Segments
                                                                 (Quantity, UPC Terms, etc.)

                                            **SE Transaction Set Trailer

             **GE Functional Group Trailer

*IEA Interchange Control Trailer

*The ISA and IEA segments make up the Interchange Envelope.
**The GS, GE, ST, and SE segments make up the Functional Group.

During EDI files exchange note standards and versions supported. Delhaze America company has chosen the ANSI X.12 standard for electronic data interchange translation. ANSI X.12 standard allows the Delhaze America and Delhaze America trading partners to support not just grocery electronic data interchange documents, but also financial, pharmaceutical, and transportation industry documents. The Delhaze America company currently sends and receives ANSI X.12 standard electronic data interchange documents for Version 5010.

Delhaze America EDI is a form of paperless communication, is a storage and retrieval communication process. EDI allows for the transfer of hundreds of business documents (purchase orders, invoices, remittance advice, etc.) that are frequently used between trading partners with ease and efficiency in a relatively short period of time.

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