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EDI for small business: goals, objectives and benefits

EDI for small business is one of the most frequently offered solutions in modern IT-market. Quick development of electronic data interchange made its adoption easier and more comfortable even for small-size companies. One of the reasons that made the owners chose EDI is its ability to reduce costs for processing paper operations and streamline communications between partners. Also the core feature of EDI is standardization that makes processes flow according to the set rules and guides. Today EDI for small business can be effectively integrated into the existing company internal system with minimizing manual data entry, reducing errors and improving data processing.

EDI for small business can be adopted in some stages. Usually most of the small companies are forced into implementing EDI by large retailers. Often such decision can be difficult and confusing for a small supplier. The business owner may see no benefits of EDI integration as it costs much for a small enterprise. This first step is the most difficult to overcome, but after some period paperless transactions begin to be major in the company workflow. At this stage the company comes to a new level – level where all EDI benefits are already clear.

At the next level small business starts EDI integration into company’s internal inventory. Labor costs are being reduced, general workflow becomes faster and reached efficiency is obvious. However, EDI for small business may cost much enough. It makes much money for total EDI integration into company’s internal system replacing manual processing. But still there are enough solutions offered by third parties that can reduce your spending on EDI. If you are not going to install a turn-key EDI system with needed hardware, software and staff, you can choose outsource EDI solution or that part of service you need at the moment. If your company processes not many EDI transactions, you even have no reason to buy full package EDI.

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