EDI FTP Protocol

EDI FTP Connection Method

EDI FTP is an extremely popular method used for transmitting data directly. A lot of companies, who have switched off the VAN, have selected FTP as a method to connect directly to trading partners. Several methods can be used to ensure that the FTP transmission is secure. FTP/S and SFTP provide options for SSL security and are utilized by exchanging keys for point-to-point connections. FTP has been around since the 1980s and is pretty easy and quick to setup compared to other protocols. Plus, it’s fairly easy to write FTP scripts without needing a lot of programming knowledge.

The problem with FTP is that it is difficult to track if the message has been successfully delivered. There is a lack of receipt confirmation. This is where AS3 comes into play. AS3 uses FTP/S with MDN capability to ensure receipt confirmation of the transactions.

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