Functional Grouping and Transaction Set File Structure Options (Prevea360 Partner Guidelines)

Prevea360 is able to process different variations of transaction sets. Option 1 is the most commonly received structure and is acceptable for files with up to 8000 members.

Option 1 (All INS in one ST/SE)

EDI functional structure

Due to system limitations, Prevea360 is unable to process files with greater than 8000 members using Option 1. Option 2 is recommended for Trading Partners to submit all members of the same family within one ST/SE grouping. This allows for quicker data analysis and troubleshooting if errors are encountered in processing. Options 3 or 4 are also acceptable for groups with 8000 or more members.

EDI Functional groups

Prevea360 guidelines

EDI Guidelines

To learn more about EDI transaction structure and become a certified EDI Professional please visit our course schedule page.



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