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EDI Training Designed For All Industries

EDI Academy has the most comprehensive training available, and we are the only software-agnostic training provider. Our instructor engages students to discuss their EDI experiences and offers guidance. Our sessions include multiple mapping exercises and other hands-on activities.

  • Live webinars. You have the opportunity to consult with an expert that has implemented EDI for dozens of companies and trading partners.
  • Every attendee will become a Certified EDI Professional by the EDI Academy if they complete all six webinars.
  • Previous attendees are very happy with our webinars. All the scenarios, case studies, examples, and best practices are from real world EDI professionals.
  • Some courses have prerequisites.

Detailed Course Content and Schedule https://ediacademy.com/course-edi-fundamentals  

How to register for a webinar bundle?

  1. Choose the webinar that suits your needs https://ediacademy.com/courseinformation 
  2. Enter information needed to register you.
  3. Submit payment.
  4. Join the webinar on the selected day via invite link.
  5. Enjoy your training.

Have questions? Email us for any issues info@ediacademy.com or call 877-334-6484.

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