GLNs for physical location marking

EDI trainingSpecific care should be given to label placement in physical locations. It is recommended to consider these principles when applying physical marking of locations irrespective of the organization type to which the locations belong.

  • Labels should be located to ensure ease of scanning on entry to a room and should be sited as near to where relevant physical tasks are undertaken, as is practical.
  • Room labels should be placed just inside the entry at a height that is easily scanned and seen, probably alongside the light switch or fire alarm call point.
  • Labels should be placed on walls rather than on doors since doors can be replaced for maintenance. Labelling doors leading from one room to another can be confusing. However, care needs to be taken when walls are repainted.
  • Bed space labels, if required, should be placed on the wall above the bed space.
  • Cupboard labels, if required, should be placed on both the inside and outside of the cupboard.
  • In large rooms, such as corridors, there may be a need to apply more than one label. Where multiple labels are required, these may display the same GLN.

Labels need to comply with Infection Control requirements and be sufficiently durable to withstand regular cleaning materials and practices.

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