EDI Guidelines

EDI Guidelines for Kroger Partners in EDI Relationship

EDI Guidelines were designed for a number of Kroger Vendors to improve the communications process of business information exchange. Maximizing use of Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) is Kroger key priority. Cooperative EDI efforts have resulted in increased accuracy, improved timeliness, and reduced operating expenses. The first portion of EDI FAQs that serve as EDI Guidelines for Kroger vendors are given below.

Q #1: What is the new process to initiate an EDI request?
A: The web forms should be used to submit your EDI requests. You will receive a confirmation e-mail once you submit the request. You may use the confirmation e-mail for further communications about this request with the Kroger/Fred Meyer EDI teams.

Q #2: Where do I log into the EDI request web forms?
A: Work Requests: http://edi.kroger.com/edibusinessrequest/form/type/Requests
Outages: http://edi.kroger.com/edibusinessrequest/form/type/Outage

Q #3: How do I know the request was submitted successfully and forwarded to the Kroger or Fred Meyer EDI team?
A: You will receive a confirmation e-mail once you have submitted the request successfully.

Q #4: Is it possible to flag a request as “High” (not Business Critical, but needs to be addressed) priority?
A: There is no “high priority” flag on the request forms. To let the EDI team know your request is high priority, please put the word “URGENT” at the top of the description field when filling out the form. You can also reply to the confirmation e-mail and mark the email “urgent”.

Q #5: What is the difference between a “Work Request” and an “Outage”?
A: Work Request: request for information, advice, or for a standard change to EDI set up
1. Adding a vendor to EDI
2. Changing the existing set up for a vendor
3. Document follow up, i.e. missing EDI PO
4. Re-sending EDI data
Outage: An unplanned interruption or a scheduled outage to a business process flow
1. If a supplier hasn’t receive any EDI data which causes an outage at vendor side.
2. If a vendor have a planned outage coming up and want to let us know about it.

Q #6:What happens if I entered a wrong e-mail address in the request?
A: If you accidently enter an invalid e-mail address in your request, you will not receive a confirmation e-mail. In this case, please re-create another request with correct e-mail ID. (Successfully completed requests should receive a reply within about 15 minutes).
If you try twice and still do not receive an email, there may be an email issue with your or Kroger company’s email.

Q #7: How do I know if my request was sent to the Kroger or Fred Meyer EDI team?
A: If you select “Kroger” as the group, your request will be forwarded to Kroger EDI team and you will receive a confirmation e-mail from edi@kroger.com
If you select “Fred Meyer” as the group, your request will be forwarded to the Fred Meyer EDI team and you will receive a confirmation e-mail from edibiz@fredmeyer.com

Q #8: Is it possible to send attachments using EDI web forms? How do I send an attachment with an EDI request initiated through web forms?
A: Yes. Use the “Browse” button at the beginning of the form. You may include up to 5 attachments. Accepted file types are: .xls, .zip, .doc, .pdf, .txt, .jpeg, .gif or .xml.
You may also copy and paste an email into the comment box in your request if needed.

Q #9: How do I forward emails to the edi team?
A:You may forward an email to edi@kroger.com or edibiz@fredmeyer.com. Be sure to add the tracking number (for work requests) of your request in the subject line of the email.

Q #10: Is there a way to carbon copy other members of my team so they will also receive the confirmation email from the EDI team after my request is submitted?
A: No. The confirmation email can only be sent to the requestor. You may then forward that email to your team members or the vendor.

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