EDI High Tech Industry

EDI High Tech Industry Basic Description And Specific Issues

EDI High Tech Industry basics and standards were formed many years ago as High Tech chain activity demand exchanging of the business transactions electronically more than any other. EDI High Tech Industry streamlines its consumer driven concepts in order to satisfy customer demands on the highest level. Electronic Data Interchange helps processes to become more flexible and reliable and therefore satisfy constantly developing industry standards.

Another key reason for implementing EDI in High Tech is Vendor Managed Inventory systems. They ensure the correct levels of inventory and support existing products inventory, new goods and services launches, seasonal changes. Inventory visibility here means a lot and Electronic Data Interchange provides this option.

Globalization conditions are constantly growing, so the demands of many retailers working with High tech companies are growing as well. EDI gives possibility to work with the biggest retailers and meet their supply process requirements.

As we know, the High Tech industry has more complex and complicated supply chain structure than any other. Among its basic features we can mention the use of multiple outsourcing manufacturers (Electronics Manufacturing Service). Numerous giants do not manufacture their products themselves – they partner with their brand integrators who do this for them. In order to gather all this complicated supply, manufacturing and retail staff together, companies implement EDI solution and require this from their partners.

Besides common EDI standards like ANSI X12 and EDIFACT the high tech industry has developed an industry standard based around XML. Another standard successfully deployed is the Open Applications Group Integration Specification (OAGIS).

The ability to exchange business transactions across complex supply chain guarantees fast and smooth processes and operations running. As there are numerous manufacturers, logistics companies, retailers and other kinds of partners from different points of the world involved in the process, EDI provides a reliable and flexible way of putting all this together.

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