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Maximise efficiencies and deliver the highest cost savings

EDI enables companies to exchange trading documents faster with enhanced data accuracy, improved efficiencies and lower costs. Here are the top 5 reasons why businesses adopt EDI:

  1. It’s faster. EDI provides significant increases in the speed that documents are transferred from one company to another, reducing lead times and speeding up payments.
  2. Data is more accurate. Electronic transfer of trading documents between computers increases data accuracy.
  3. Improved process efficiencies. EDI positively impacts process efficiencies and relationships with trading partners.
  4. Cost savings. Costs are reduced – through savings and avoidance – as a result of implementing EDI.
  5. Eliminates paper. Paper-based trading processes are costly, inefficient and not sustainable. The benefits above show that it is no accident that the leading UK retailers all rely on EDI for placing orders and receiving invoices – they know the benefits they get and the costs that can be saved.

It is important to determine which areas of a supply chain would benefit most from process automation and EDI.

To learn more about EDI and become a certified EDI Professional, please visit our course schedule page.

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