EDI Implementation Flow

EDI Implementation Flow Between Dillard’s And Its Vendors

EDI Implementation flow given in the blog post describes the steps necessary to implement EDI with Dillard’s. Confusion and frustration during EDI Implementation flow can be reduced or eliminated when this implementation flow steps are followed.

  1. Format/map the Dillard’s required EDI Transaction Sets into your EDI translation software. Dillard’s mapping documentation for these Transaction Sets is available for download at https://ebiz.dillards.com. If you do not have a userid & password for eBiz you can use “vendor” for your userid & “document” for your password. Once you log in select “EDI Information” under the “DOCS & GUIDES” tab.
  2. To test the Transaction Sets once they are formatted: Contact one of following Networks Only! Dillard’s does not support or authorize the use of any interconnect with any other 3rd party Network.
    OpenText/GXS – (800) 334-2255 Option 3, or email Sales@GXS.com
    InterTrade – (800) 873-7803 Option 3, or email CustomerService@InterTrade.com
    OpenText/GXS or InterTrade will transmit you generic test files of the 812, 816, 820, 850, 860, and 864 Transaction Sets. When you have received the test files, you will need to transmit them a 997 to acknowledge that the test files have been received.
  3. Once you have completed testing with the Network they will email a Pass Notice to Dillard’s confirming the Trading Partnership with Dillard’s has been set up & that you have completed testing and your Dillard’s vendor number is ready to be set up for EDI in Dillard’s system.
  4. Dillard’s EDI Testing Manager will contact you to verify your network ID information. Your vendor number will then be set up for all Transaction Sets that have been tested.
  5. At this time you can then begin testing the 810 Invoice and 856 ASN directly with Dillard’s. See the 810 and 856 Implementation Flow sections for more detail on testing these Transaction Sets.

VICS EDI Versions

Dillard’s uses the VICS EDI standards that have been developed through the cooperative efforts of representatives from retailing, manufacturing and other suppliers-to-retail under the umbrella of GS-1. Currently Dillard’s supports the 004010VICS & 004030VICS versions for all EDI Transaction Sets except the 812 Credit/Debit Adjustment which is version 004030VICS only. You will be notified at least six months in advance should Dillard’s migrate to a newer version of VICS EDI standards.

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