EDI Implementation via mapping integration

EDI Implementation process hasĀ a stage that is connected with EDI deployment within the internal company applications. It is one of the most difficult stages because the required data must be mapped and integrated and integrated with the existing system.

EDI ImplementationAfter everything is ready for data deployment (we mean the software and hardware) a serious work on programming should be made. This work must be done by the experienced staff knowledgeable of mapping guides, standards, business requirements and communication protocols. The main tasks for programmers cover extracting data from the in-house systems (integration), mapping the extracted data (creating EDI documents with proper envelopes, segments, elements), configuring the EDI software for receiving and sending EDI documents. These processes are technically difficult and need time to be released properly. Also, there will be definite requirements from your business partners. All EDI documents must be tailored according these requirements and your company internal guides.

Outsourcing companies offer different EDI implementation solutions. You can choose full-package solution that includes mapping EDI documents, setting-up your EDI software, integrating EDI into your business processes. If you have just a couple of EDI transactions, you can ask for mapping service and pay only for the quantity of the documents mapped. Mapping depends on your volumes and quantity of business operations.

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