EDI Implementation Roll Out To The Trading Partners

EDI ImplementationEDI Implementation steps described in our earlier posts helped you to understand how to think everything through, choose the exact strategy and apply it in your business. Today’s post is the last one in our series “EDI Implementation: Steps To Success” and it is devoted to rolling out your EDI to your partners.

EDI roll-out initiative must be developed and controlled by you in case you initiate EDI implementation with your partner-companies. If you want, for example, send your suppliers EDI purchase orders and receive their invoices also in EDI form, you should build the proper system yourself and show it to your partners. You must be ready for developing, managing and maintaining rollout program and have all necessary instruments for this.

Some of the main steps include:

  • Developing EDI strategy and rollout plan
  • Setting up the communication within your partner community in order to discuss goals and instruments needed
  • Learning about possible EDI solutions acceptable for most trading partners
  • Preparing backup solutions for those who are not ready
  • Monitoring and testing the EDI solution deployment with your partners’ company system
  • Trading partners support and education program
  • Testing procedures.

In order to release all these options your company should have skilled and experienced EDI staff or reliable third-party provider with constant support. You must mention that partners who are new to EDI will need your assistance and you, as an initiator, should provide it on each stage of EDI implementation.

All the EDI documents, especially the first ones, must be carefully monitored to ensure the correctness and provide quick troubleshooting. As any questions from your trading partners arise, company – initiator must react quickly, desirably have 24/7 support. Regular reports are a must – you and your partners must see the results of the cooperation. Learning about the updates is also a must. Standards’ requirements may be constantly changing so your staff must be aware of any changes and upgrades.

Taking into account the above mentioned tips, you can build profound EDI system within your business partners community and enjoy all the benefits EDI brings to any industry.

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