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EDI for Import and Export consignments (Example of joint initiative of Ministry of Commerce & Industry and Ministry of Finance and also National Securities Depository Limited, India)

Ministry of Commerce & Industry (MOCI) and Ministry of Finance, have taken joint initiative to exchange important information between SEZ Online System (Ministry of Commerce) and EDI System of Central Board of Excise and Customs to supplement and facilitate SEZ Import & Export transactions.

Overall objective of the Data exchange between SEZ Online and EDI system is as follows:

  • Improving data quality & information hygiene;
  • Reducing need and dependence on paper based clearances;
  • Facilitating smoother clearance of cargo for SEZ Units and reducing manual interface;
  • Developing co-ordination and controls over movement of goods between SEZ & Custom Ports;
  • System based Closure of IGM lines and marking of shipment success;
  • Reduction in Existing Processes being followed by units (i.e. Re-warehousing completion, Data entry by SEZ Customs for IGM details, EGM details entry & verification, etc.).

The objectives were achieved with full co-operation of all stake-holders in ensuring the highest level of data accuracy and adoption of revised procedures. Development Commissioners as well as Department of Revenue (DOR) have issued detailed instructions in this regard.

This initiative required exchange of information between two fairly developed and complex IT systems, using other system information to perform certain processes and moving the transaction to the next level of processing. The system was launched after conducting two months’ pilot at MEPZ SEZ and made relevant changes as were considered incidental during the pilot phase. Data exchange was enabled for all Import and Export consignments from foreign territory where Mode of Transport is either “AIR” or “SEA”.

Receipt of IGM information from EDI System

In EDI system, Bill of Entry is processed only if it is successfully linked to IGM / Console Manifest filed by cargo carrier / handling agencies. As IGM is not filed in SEZs, the same was not available earlier with SEZ Online System and could not be used to validate the BOE filed by SEZ Units. With commencement of data exchange, EDI system will provide the IGM data to SEZ Online system. IGM data will be provided after in-warding process is completed. This will be used to match SEZ BOE against IGM data.

Data Exchange benefits can be achieved only for such BOE which are successfully matched against IGM data. As IGM received by SEZ Online System from EDI will be based on filing of IGM in EDI System, SEZ Importers must ensure that they suitably advise their shipping line / cargo carrier/console agent to file correct IGM information and specifically declare SEZ port code while filing IGM information.

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