EDI In Business

Difference between EDI and general electronic operations

Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) and common electronic operations refer to different aspects of electronic communication and data exchange in business operations.

EDI is a specific type of electronic communication that involves the exchange of structured data between different computer systems. This structured data can include purchase orders, invoices, and other business documents. EDI uses standardized formats and protocols to ensure that the data can be easily understood and processed by different computer systems.

On the other hand, common electronic operations refer to a broader category of electronic communication and data exchange that includes email, instant messaging, file sharing, and other forms of electronic communication that are not necessarily structured or standardized. Common electronic operations are used for a variety of business purposes, including communication, collaboration, and information sharing.

While both EDI and common electronic operations involve electronic communication and data exchange, they differ in terms of their specific purpose, format, and level of standardization. EDI is typically used for specific business processes and involves structured data that is exchanged using standardized formats and protocols. Common electronic operations, on the other hand, are more general in nature and can include a wide range of electronic communication and data exchange methods.

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