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Customs Act: Electronic communication for the purpose of customs and excise procedures

The Commissioner may, notwithstanding anything to the contrary in this Act contained, establish and maintain a computer system for the purposes of the electronic processing of any document and procedure to which this Act relates and matters incidental thereto, which may include

  • (i) the receipt and processing of reports and other documents relating to the arrival and departure of ships, aircraft, vehicles and railway trains and their passengers and cargo and the control of such passengers or cargo;
  • (ii) the accounting for the receipt, clearance and release of goods, the storage of goods in customs and excise warehouses or other places and the removal or carriage of goods for any purpose under this Act; and
  • (iii) the production or manufacture of any goods and the accounting therefore in compliance with any procedure prescribed under this Act.

No person shall communicate with the Commissioner, a Controller or any officer for any purpose to which this section relates by computer unless such person is a registered user who has entered into a user agreement and complies with any other requirements prescribed under this Act.

Any such user may access the computer system of the Commissioner for the purposes of electronically communicating with the Commissioner, a Controller or an officer to the extent specified in the user agreement provided the computer system of the Commissioner can accept the communication.

Application for registration as a user shall be in the form and shall be accompanied by a practice statement and the completed user agreement prescribed by rule. The applicant shall comply with:

  • all the requirements specified in such form and in subsection
  • any additional requirements that may be prescribed in the rules and as may be determined by the Commissioner;
  • the requirements specified in the user agreement.

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