EDI Training Schedule

Advanced EDI Training

EDI Academy offers you All Industries and HIPAA EDI Fundamentals & Best Practices on-site training and online webinars.

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  • To inquire about a private session, suggest another course date or location, please email info@ediacademy.com
  • Our San Diego workshops are the best way to learn EDI.
  • Online classes are available to those that cannot travel to San Diego or need EDI training sooner.
  • Online bundles cover most of the same material as we cover in the San Diego workshops.
  • Choose a bundle and save 20%.

Seminars provide an overview of EDI and in-depth understanding of the technology’s operational components, best-practice presentations for various industries and mapping sessions. HIPAA  EDI training covers all 9 Health Care EDI transactions – basic analysis and advanced mapping concepts with a much deeper dive into the loops and nested loops.