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EDI Information and Data Reporting Guidelines (Commonwealth of Pennsylvania)

For Date of Injury, if the employee or other relevant individual providing the data is uncertain about the exact date, use the earliest date about which there is some degree of certainty or the date that you received notice of the accident, whichever is earlier. For example, if only the month of the injury is known, use the first day of the month.

Valid SSN formatting: The Social Security Administration does not issue SSNs beginning with the number 9. Numbers beginning with a “9” may be a Social Security Administration issued Individual Taxpayer Identification Number (ITIN). An ITIN is a tax processing number issued by the IRS that has 9 digits beginning with the number 9. Additional edits, as per the Social Security Administration website parameters, are applied if the SSN provided is all the same number such as 111-11-1111 or where the numbers are in ascending/descending order such as 123-45-6789/ 987-65-4321 or if the two middle digits are “00”.

If the Social Security Number is not known, then the Employee ID Assigned by Jurisdiction (DN0154) should be used. Claim administrators should contact BWC at 1-800-482-2383 (long-distance calls inside PA) or 717-772- 4447 (local and outside PA) for the Employee ID Assigned by Jurisdiction and use it when submitting the FROI 00. If the Employee ID Assigned by Jurisdiction is used and the Social Security Number becomes known, the claim administrator must file a FROI 02 (Change) transaction to update the record.

Reminder: Only the following suffixes will populate on the WCAIS profile and in the Employee box on the four Forms Solution forms (LIBC 495, 496, 501, & 502):

  • JR
  • SR
  • III
  • ESQ
  • JR, ESQ
  • SR, ESQ
  • III, ESQ

Employer FEIN Employer FEIN (DN0016) is required on all FROI transactions and the SROI 02. For FROI 04 transactions an Employer FEIN is required unless the claim administrator is filing to deny a claim due to no coverage.

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