EDI Instruments

EDI Instruments Released by EdiFabric

EDI instruments serve thousands of developers and EDI-interested businesses to enable their software systems with EDI capabilities. Modern companies want to build value networks and connect with trading partners more effectively. They see EDI, and the exchange of EDI documents through established protocols, as outdated and tedious processes.

EdiFabric offers products that enable companies to implement EDI by using familiar concepts and utilizing existing technologies and resources. The complexity of the various EDI standards can be effectively shielded and seamlessly aligned with the modern connectivity patterns.

EdiFabric EDI DOM solution solves the EDI mapping conundrum and breaks the chains of EDI-XML duality. It approaches EDI the same way modern web browsers support HTML or XML. EdiFabric’s lean implementation is unrivaled in both agility and performance and the feature set allows for processing EDI documents of any size or format. Whether you’re a .NET developer tasked with writing a custom EDI solution, or you’re fed up with your current one, you can give EdiFabric a try to reach the high-point effectiveness.

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