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EDI Integration Tips for McLane Company Vendors

EDI Integration is the first thing supliers must pay attention to starting electronic documents interchange with McLane Company. In previous posts we described 880 Grocery Products Invoice within McLane Company EDI Integration program  as well as Shipping & Routing Information and Bill of Landing Requirements. Below is a list of frequently asked questions which vendors can face during EDI Integration.

How often is data placed into my mailbox?

Data is placed into the mailboxes within an hour after receiving from the specific application. The Purchasing Specialist determines the frequency of which you will receive orders. Some vendors receive orders everyday; others receive them on a weekly or bi-weekly basis. It is best to keep in touch with the Purchasing Specialist when there is concern with the ordering cycle. 852’s are sent from 6:00PM CST until approximately 2:00AM CST.

Does McLane Company require a Functional Acknowledgment?

YES! McLane Company requires a Functional Acknowledgment no later than 6 hours after data has been placed into a mailbox. If a Functional Acknowledgment has not been received, someone from the EDI Support team will be giving you a call to ensure that you did receive the data. If a vendor continually does not send acknowledgments, the Purchasing Specialist will be notified and appropriate action will be taken.

Note: No vendor will be allowed to go into production until they can successfully transmit a Functional Acknowledgment to McLane Company.

Does McLane Company send a Functional Acknowledgment?

YES! McLane Company sends a Functional Acknowledgment within an hour after receiving the data from the specific application. If a Functional Acknowledgment has not been received, someone from your EDI Support team should call a member of the McLane EDI Team to ensure that we did receive the data.

Does McLane Company supply the Brokers with a copy of the EDI Purchase Orders?

McLane Company does not send copies of the EDI Purchase Orders to the Brokers. The EDI Purchase Orders are sent directly to the Manufacturer. It is the responsibility of the Manufacturer to supply its Brokers with a copy of the EDI Purchase Orders.

Can the Broker call in to pick up my Purchase Orders?

McLane Company prefers its Vendors to dial directly into the McLane’s EDI Network. It is possible for a National broker that services the McLane Company account to pick up your purchase orders. This is only done on an exception basis and must be coordinated between the Vendor and a McLane EDI Coordinator.

Does McLane Company use Value Added Networks (VANS)?

Since we are now offering AS2 or FTP to connect to our network we will no longer connect to the supplier community using a Value Added Network (VAN).

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