EDI Inventory Management

EDI Inventory Management For Multichannel Warehousing

EDI Inventory Management applications allow to exchange documents in real time and automate processes such as invoicing, order supply form submission, stocks, sales, ledgers, and more. EDI Inventory Management solution can automatically pick the documents up from email or server and send them to an EDI business partner. Company can automate manual document processes to reduce human error, improve communication and speed up supply chain and accounts payable. This will, in turn, streamline company supply chain and inventory management process, while reducing the costs of paper management.

You can use EDI to automate purchase orders, streamline communication with manufacturers and trading partners, and create a common business language you can use to quickly integrate any new partner. EDI Inventory Management solutions help you to streamline inventory management across multiple channels.

EDI uses automation to pick, create, and send business documents automatically. EDI also allows to send documents to FTP and email in real time. This reduces human error and ensures that documents are sent in a timely manner. , and reduces error in repetitive tasks like submitting order form requests and creating purchase forms. Data entry for order volumes, purchase records, and other repetitive tasks is time-consuming and expensive. EDI allows to automate a great deal of this so that you save time and cut costs. You can automatically generate an order form and send it to your supplier or manufacturer with EDI when stock on that item drops below your specified level.

EDI gives you more control over business processes and the ability to track where shipments and purchases as well as see updates in real time. EDI enables real-time communication, which means that you can submit a purchase order and your supplier will receive it instantly. Automatic and real-time data processing allows you to create automatic documents and updates based on specific actions. This enables you to improve warehousing and logistics by integrating barcodes to automatically track inbound shipments as well as outbound products.

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