EDI Invoice Accuracy

EDI Invoice Accuracy Guidelines (Indigo)

Indigo expects EDI vendors to send a valid and accurate Invoice (EDI 810 for EDI vendors) whose details match the respective Purchase Order details for the exact item(s) and quantity(s) that have been shipped. Non-EDI vendors are expected to include the following Purchase Order details on their paper invoices.

The Invoice must accurately contain:

  • Invoice No.
  • Invoice Date
  • Vendor’s DUNS #
  • Purchase Order No.(s)
  • Date of shipment
  • Accurate payment terms
  • Payment currency
  • List of UPCs shipped
  • List of Product Descriptions shipped
  • Quantity Shipped by Item (in eaches) by UPCs
  • Accurate Unit Price (per each) of UPCs shipped
  • Detailed list of other applicable charges & unit/total price per charge
  • Accurate invoice sub-total
  • Accurate calculation of total applicable taxes & duties
  • Accurate calculation of total all other applicable charges
  • Accurate grand total calculation

An Invoice is considered to be inaccurate and non-compliant if it does not meet any of the above requirements.


A violation/infraction means non-compliance with any component of this guideline for the receipt of any Purchase Order Line Item.

Example: Non-compliance with the On-Time Delivery guideline will be measured at the Purchase Order Line level, and will each constitute a single violation. Failure to meet Indigo’s requirements will lead to the respective shipment being subject to a non-compliance cost recovery fee as per The Perfect Order Guideline – Cost Recovery Schedule.

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