EDI Invoice Best Practices

EDI Invoice Best Practices (Lowe’s Vendor Requirements)

While it is a good practice to monitor the 997, do not use this as an acceptance of the EDI invoice, but as an acknowledgment of receipt. The invoice could still reject even if you receive a 997 with no errors. It is always a good idea to login to your Vendor Inquiry portion of Loweslink® to review rejected and suspended/problem invoices.

Tax is currently paid for Canadian stores by using the TXI segment. The dollar amount in the TXI should be included in your TDS segment. Please note, the TXI segment should not be sent on any invoices for a US Lowe’s location. If your invoice is rejected for INVALID TAX AMOUNT, ensure you are transmitting the correct tax rate and that you are transmitting the tax under the correct EDI segment.

Fuel Surcharge – This is a charge that is by approval only. If Lowe’s does not recognize you as an approved vendor, it will be reported back to you. Example: SAC*C*D270***675*******06***FUEL SURCHARGE\ .

When an SAC is sent on an invoice for a special order PO, the only codes allowed in the SAC segment will be the following: G090 – Recovery Fee/CARE/California Stewardship C680 – Eco Fees/Environmental Protective Services H850 – Excise tax for Hawaii and Alaska only.

Freight Charges

Lowe’s will not accept separate freight bills or extra line item charges of any kind for Special Order products. Delivered merchandise costs must be negotiated with the Lowe’s Merchandiser and all freight costs must be included in the cost furnished to Lowe’s for all Special Order transactions, regardless of store location. Additional freight charges and carrier freight bills tendered as collect will be deducted from the invoice payment or debited against the vendor’s account. Exceptional freight charges, specifically customer requested and paid for next day or otherwise expedited delivery may be applied. These exceptional freight charges will only be paid if the special order item numbers designated for this purpose are used. Any other freight charges will be considered unapproved and will be deducted from the invoice prior to payment or debited against the Vendor’s account.

To learn more about EDI and become a certified  EDI Professional please visit our course schedule page.

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