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EDI Invoice Recommendations For Belk EDI Suppliers

EDI Invoice Total should include the sum of the details plus any Charges, minus any Allowances that you might send on the EDI Invoice. The totals must match or your Invoice will be rejected. You cannot invoice the same UPC at different prices on the EDI Invoice. The Invoice will be rejected from the Belk System. You must put all the invoice quantity for that UPC on the Invoice at a single price. The Carrier Code (SCAC) is required on the EDI Invoice.

EDI Invoice Rejection

The invoice might be rejected from Belk system for any of the following reasons:

  • The invoice must meet the EDI Standard requirements posted out on Belk.com.
  • The totals must match as indicated in a previous Q/A.
  • There must be a Carrier Code (SCAC) on the Invoice.
  • You must have a valid Purchase Order Number on the Invoice.
  • You did not send the Terms (ITD) segment on your EDI Invoice.

Invoices sent via EDI should follow the requirements below:

  • Invoices must be consolidated by the PO#, then the ship to DC location and the Bill of Lading# (Example: If a PO contains stores that ship to two DCs, and each shipment has one BOL#, then there should only be two invoices for the PO)
  • Consolidated invoices should include all stores for each appropriate DC location
  • UPCs should be listed only once on the invoice with the combined store quantities for the shipment
  • The N1*BY segment is the four digit DC location: Ex. (N1*BY**92*0737~ ) There are 3 DC locations: 0737, 0744, and 0745 (fine jewelry only).
  • The DUNS# in the N104 should match the DUNS# in the N104 on the corresponding ASN
  • The Bill of Lading# in the CAD08 should match the BOL# in the REF02 on the corresponding ASN
  • Use unique interchange numbers for each transmission as Belk system rejects duplicate numbers from the same sender/receiver ID.

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