EDI Invoicing

EDI Invoicing Procedures For Zappos EDI Partners

EDI Invoicing requirements demand vendors to provide an invoice for products shipped pursuant to a Purchase Order. Each invoice must refer to the Purchase Order Number and contain the total units of product being billed. Issue separate invoices for each unique Purchase Order Number. Issue only one invoice per Purchase Order. The terms on Zappos Purchase Order will control pricing and we can reject any inconsistent terms or pricing on your invoice.

EDI Invoicing: Vendors must use EDI for issuing invoices to Zappos

Monthly Statements and Credit Memos

Vendors should provide monthly statements of all open items on Zappos account. Place the  appropriate Zappos Merchandising Purchase Order Number in addition to your invoice number. Provide Zappos with a copy of any credit memo issued by the Vendor to Zappos.

Price and Terms

Zappos EDI Purchase Order will control pricing and terms; Zappos can reject any inconsistent terms in the Vendor’s invoice. Disputes on pricing and terms will be discussed. The buyer will contact the Zappos
Accounts Payable department if adjustments are to be made.

Purchase Orders & Invoices MUST HAVE the following BILLING address listed:

Zappos Merchandising, Inc.
Attn: Accounts Payable (Zappos.com, Inc.)
PO Box 7469
Las Vegas, NV 89125-7469

Dispute Information

Zappos Merchandising, Inc. allows disputes for Vendor Compliance (VC) claims under the following

  • The dispute must be submitted through your assigned Zappos Accounts Payable representative that is responsible for managing your account
  • The dispute must be submitted within a period of 12 months following the claim’s transmission date
  • Valid reason for dispute, including a detailed explanation of the nature of the dispute including, without limitation, specific over / under payment and correct / incorrect Purchase Order information.
  • Supporting documentation including, without limitation, ACH remittance advice, check remittance advice, Purchase Order information, stock ID Information, and UPC information.
  • Pertinent e-mail correspondence showing the Zappos Accounts Payable representative has acknowledged the dispute and confirmed an investigation has commenced.

Once the 12 month allowed dispute window has expired, Zappos will not honor the dispute, unless it is already in process.

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