EDI ISA and GS Segments Requirements For Mapping Practice

EDI ISA and GS segments guidelines given below refer to mapping requirements set to Macy’s vendors. Macy’s EDI program requires vendors to utilize industry-wide technologies. In order for a new vendor to be set up as a Macy’s vendor, a GS1 certificate and GS1 company prefix must be established. For that and other reasons, new Macy’s EDI vendors (as well as vendors who are changing their EDI-related technology) must contact Macy’s EDI Department regarding their technological capabilities.

Vendors must be EDI capable, trade all required Macy’s EDI documents, each in the appropriate version and be compliant with Macy’s EDI mapping guides. All applicable EDI documents are traded at the U.P.C., GTIN or EAN level. GS1 US provides specification on SSCC-18 (Application Standard for Shipping Container Codes).

Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) technology is critical to the mutual success of Macy’s and Bloomingdales organizations. All data transmitted on all EDI documents must adhere to VICS/GS1/X12 industry standards (including EDI ISA and GS segments requirements). This includes ensuring that the version transmitted in the EDI ISA and GS segments match. If the ISA12 and GS08 do not match or the ISA11 sub-element separators are incorrect, the EDI document will fail at Macy’s translator, which may result in the inability to use the EDI document. When EDI documents cannot be utilized, processing is delayed and the corresponding expense offsets are generated. Please use the chart below to ensure your documents use the correct translation attributes.


In order to maximize the effective use of EDI and enhance the accuracy of Macy’s EDI processes, Macy’s has designated GXS as Macy’s preferred value added network (VAN). All EDI documents are to be traded directly from GXS to Macy’s with no interconnecting VAN or direct U.P.C. catalog (EDI832). Vendors utilizing other networks/VANS must contact GXS for further information.

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