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EDI Label Placement/Quality Guidelines (Gordmans)

Each carton is required to have one GS1-128 label. Labels must be placed on the longest side of the carton in the lower right hand corner. For cartons with equal width and length dimensions, the longest side of the carton is considered to be the panel which runs parallel to the top flap seam of the carton. Place carton in an upright position. Barcode must be read vertically. Do not place sideways or diagonally.

  • The SSCC-18 bar code on the carton label is recommended to be 1 – 2 inches from vertical edge of the carton & ½” to 1” up from horizontal edge.
  • Do not place SSCC-18 over a flap seam or around the corners of a carton.
  • Do not place tape or packing materials over any bar code.
  • Place only 1 GS1-128 label on a carton.
  • If utilizing a carton contents label, this must be 100% accurate detailing the actual contents & placed immediately to the LEFT of the GS1-128. All elements of this content label must be readable.

No matter the carton height, always place your GS1-128 label in the bottom right hand corner of the carton of the longest side. If a shorter carton, you may fold over the upper portion of the GS1-128 label. The GS1-128 label itself must be placed no more than 1 – 2” from vertical edge, and ½” to 1” from horizontal edge. If the carton height permits, the supplier is required to place the GS1-128 Label on the carton in order to properly display as much of the complete label as possible- including “ZONE E”. Displaying ZONE E will permit us to properly view the PO # information without down-stacking the received cartons.

To learn more about EDI and become a certified EDI Professional please visit our course schedule page.

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