EDI Merchandise Ticketing

EDI Merchandise Ticketing – Finish Line Vendor Shipments

EDI Merchandise ticketing as well as labels are required because they provide accurate inventory control information which allows your product to flow quickly and efficiently to Finish Line retail stores. All products must be properly ticketed, packaged, and packed prior to being shipped to Finish Line distribution center. All products should follow the specifications and requirements set forth for vendors and any additional buyer instructions.

Finish Line reserves the right to charge back for any merchandise arriving at the distribution center that has been incorrectly ticketed, packaged, packed, or labeled, as specified in this manual and/or on the Finish Line purchase order.

The vendor is responsible for obtaining a UPC Bar code number, the Finish Line style, color code, size, department number, and the retail price from the purchase order and attaching the information on a tag or label. The vendor is also responsible for checking and verifying that the information from the Finish Line purchase order matches the tags when The Finish Line utilizes a vendors’ information. In the case where a 3rd party or ticketing supplier prints tickets and/or labels, the vendor is responsible to make sure the information is printed and applied correctly. Every effort is made by the suppliers to ensure errors do not happen; however, the vendor is responsible for making sure the correct information and labels are placed on the merchandise.

Obtaining UPC Bar codes

In order to establish your UPC catalog with GXS, you may contact GXS directly by calling (877) 446-6847 option #4. Identify yourself as a Finish Line, Inc. vendor. Once you have submitted your company information to a representative, it will take about 48 – 72 hours to establish your account and receive the welcome packet via EDI.

To learn more about EDI and become a certified  EDI Professional please visit our course schedule page.

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