SARS EDI Transactions: CUSRES (used in conjunction with CUSDEC (IMPORTS/EXPORTS)

Once the CUSDEC message has passed translation successfully, it is mapped to the internal file format and passed on to the import / export system. There are various instances where a CUSRES (Customs Response) message could be created. These are:

  • A CUSRES is generated denoting the status of the received CUSDEC, i.e. whether it was successfully received and accepted by the import / export system.
  • Should a duplicate CUSDEC be received, i.e. containing a duplicate LRN, the declaration will not be processed and the situation will be reported via a CUSRES message.
  • If the data received via the CUSDEC is in error, a response will be generated, specifying exactly what the error is.
  • Should a declaration be selected by the system for further checking, a CUSRES will be generated notifying the client that the entry was referred to the checking section.
  • Should the declaration be selected for checking a CUSRES will be generated requesting all documentation to be sent electronically via E@syDoc web service.
  • Should the declaration not be deferred (i.e. cash payment required), a response will be generated specifying that the declaration is ready for cash payment.
  • Once the final number is assigned to the declaration, a response is generated, specifying that the declaration is released. The final number is transmitted with this CUSRES.
  • Additional status messages are sent as Supporting Documents are received, for Booking Confirmation and reminder if Supporting Documents not received within 24 hours These responses are automatically created by the import /export system, sent to the SARS EDI facility where it is automatically translated into CUSRES messages and sent to the client.

When the CUSRES message is received by the client it must be matched up with the original declaration to determine the status of that entry. Any additional response details regarding the declaration will be sent as part of “Error text” within the CUSRES message.

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