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EDI Notes: Domestic Routings General Routing Instructions For DSW Vendors

EDI Notes For Domestic Routings (domestic merchandise)  include the following:

  1. All requests for routing need to be submitted via a Routing Request form and emailed as an attachment to traffic@dswinc.com.
  2. Transportation prefers that all communications regarding routing such as changes, questions, or requests be conveyed through email to ensure prompt action.
  3. A routing request may be placed no more than 5 calendar days prior to the “Start Ship”, provided merchandise is available and packed into shipping cartons. This will ensure Transportation will have the available capacity to meet the delivery requirements, validate merchandise priority, and provide shipment visibility.
  4. Cartons, weight and cube must be reflect actual quantities and not estimates when requesting routing whether through TMS or the Company Routing Request Form.
  5. If the EDI PO contains priority merchandise, Transportation may route the shipment using an expedited service provider.
  6. If the routing request is tendered and the merchandise is not in the vendor’s possession, causes a delay in the pick-up, a partial pick-up or a “truck ordered, not used”, the vendor may be charged back the actual cost from the carrier and will be subject to additional charge-backs.
  7. Shipment validation may be obtained at any time through TMS, or, 5 business days prior to EDI PO “Start Ship” date. Vendors are encouraged to request routing as soon as possible as long as the vendor is in possession of the merchandise. The DSW expects that all shipments be requested in full no later than 5 business days past the “start ship” date on the PO.
  8. Merchandise pick-ups are scheduled following PO validation and according to merchandise availability date and time. All requests are scheduled for pick-up within 48 hours (2 business days) following the acceptance of the request and/or shipper’s ready date.
  9. If merchandise is not available for pick-up after arrival of carrier, any detention, trailer not used, or any other related charges may be charged to the vendor. Vendors must notify Transportation immediately if merchandise will not be available on the scheduled pick-up date.
  10. Any merchandise that is shipped without obtaining routing from Transportation may be subject to return at the vendor’s expense. This may include merchandise that is shipped on a pick-up not ordered by the DSW.
  11. Transportation’s EDI Notes and routing policy adherence improves production and distribution efficiencies while enhancing the DSW’s ability to maintain an acceptable freight discount program. Failure to comply with routing instructions may result in vendor chargebacks for excessive freight charges incurred.
  12. Transportation MUST verify all orders; failure to contact Transportation before shipping may result in partial or full non-payment of freight charges. Use “plain text” or “rich text” format for e-mailed requests, messages using hypertext mark-up language, (HTML), format could be blocked by the company’s anti-virus/spam software.
  13. Send the Request Form as an attachment to the message, not within the body of the message. SKU’s shipping from multiple locations must be noted in the comments of the request form, otherwise, there may be a delay scheduling a pick-up.

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