Ryder EDI Order Response

Ryder EDI Order Response (855/856) Account Configuration

If supplier sends the order confirmation and ship notice information via EDI, it is required that supplier sets the response document configuration to cXML as well as order and invoice. To configure for response documents:

  • Login to your production account on the Ryder Network
  • From the Home page, click the Administration tab
  • From the Administration page, click the Configuration link
  • Under Electronic Order Routing, click the check box and then click on the Configure link. If you have already configured your account, this link will read Configured with the date that the configuration was completed. You can always update your configuration by clicking on the Edit Configuration link.
  • Next to the Order Response Document Type, select EDI from the routing method drop down list
  • Save your changes

Make sure you complete this same configuration in your test and production accounts.

To learn more about EDI supplier integration please visit our course schedule page.

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