EDI Pack-by-Store

EDI Pack-by-Store Initiative General Data And Requirements

EDI Pack-by-Store Initiative surves to reduce supply chain inefficiencies. Academy is looking to partner with EDI vendors that can help achieve stated goal of improving merchandise flow through the Distribution Center.

EDI Pack-by-Store (PBS) builds on these flow enhancements and is an extension of Academy process improvement back through the supply chain to vendors. Put simply, it means that vendor company will pack the product based on customer need at each of Academy store locations. By sending only the product customers want as they buy it, Academy will increase the velocity of product through the supply chain thereby increasing total sales and minimizing lost sales.

Your company will receive one Purchase Order (PO) via EDI transmission. So the first requirement is that your company be EDI capable. The PO will state the assignment of SKUs and their quantities to each store location. You must be able to recognize the requested distribution of goods and pack them accordingly. Then you must respond with an accurate ASN. When goods arrive in the D.C., they are cross-docked for quick shipment to the stores.

Orders should NOT be shipped directly to the stores, unless otherwise instructed by the buyer.

Once unloaded, the UCC-128 labels are scanned and the designated cartons are sent to each individual store location’s outbound dock. In order for the cross-dock process to take place efficiently, the product should be “floor-ready” as required by the SMART Guide.

PBS will be initiated by your Buyer. You should have had discussions with your buyer and/or the supply chain analyst concerning your distribution capabilities and how they relate to Academy requirements.

EDI and Floor Ready requirements for Pack-By-Store

All PBS will require the vendor to be fully EDI compliant. This includes receiving the 850 Purchase Order, sending the 810 Invoice, 856 Advanced Ship Notice and providing UCC-128 carton labels. Product must be “floor-ready” to ensure the optimal flow. Making product “floor-ready” will become your responsibility and may require that you provide some value-added services including ticketing, hanging, size strips, source tagging, and EAS tagging, if needed. Once your capabilities have been acknowledge the Vendor Relations Department will certify you as a PBS vendor. On-time deliveries, accurate ASN transmissions, and UCC-128 labels are especially imperative for PBS orders, so the certification process includes auditing shipments for compliance and monitoring performance to quantify the benefits of these process enhancements.

Mixed SKU (multiple style/color/size) cartons are acceptable for Pack By Store Orders as long as the carton is packed for one store and one PO. Consolidating store specific PBS cartons into a larger master carton is suggested to meet conveyable weights and dimensions. If this process is followed the UCC Label should be provided on the master carton, reflecting the total sellable units within.

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