EDI Packing Merchandise

EDI Packing Merchandise Guidelines – The North West Company Vendors

EDI Packing Merchandise requirements state that each purchase order must be processed, packed and assembled as a unique unit, but may be shipped with other purchase orders on the same bill of lading. All NWC purchase order numbers must appear on the bill of lading. Purchase orders cannot be mixed within cartons.

Whenever possible (usually volume driven), merchandise is to be unitized, shrink-wrapped, using a 40” x 48” wooden pallet. The total height of the merchandise and pallet cannot exceed 78”. Pallet height exceptions are permitted but only for product that will not be damaged by stacking higher. Wherever possible, reasonable full use of the cube capacity must be utilized. For food items, the vendor is required to meet Tie Hi instructions.

For most food items this can be no more than a 48” pallet height including the pallet – exception is paper products, such as toilet tissue, which can be the standard 78” height. In cases where the vendor has not shipped according to Tie Hi requirements and has not provided an outside labor resource, one will be booked by NWC and the costs charged back to the vendor.

Floor loaded grocery deliveries will also require a swamper at the expense of the vendor or carrier unless otherwise negotiated. Pallets must be numbered, shrink-wrapped and show NWC purchase order number. The location of the packing slip must be noted on the bill of lading. Ship one sku per pallet whenever possible. Pallets of merchandise should include a slip-sheet between layers of different skus to speed receipt and put away. Purchase orders containing 50 or more cartons and weighing 50 or more pounds per carton must be palletized. A pallet exchange program can be initiated through our Logistics Service Centre.

The packing slip must be clearly located on the outside of a designated carton. This packing slip must be on the first carton of each shipment in a ‘Packing Slip Enclosed’ pouch. A second copy of the packing slip must be enclosed in the first carton of each purchase order. There must be a separate packing slip for each purchase order. Each packing slip must contain the following information:

  • Purchase Order Number
  • Style/Item Number – Vendor Product Number – UPC Number – NWC SKU number
  • Total Quantity and Quantity by Style/VPN (quantity by color size breakdown where applicable)
  • Total Weight
  • Invoice Number for Cross Referencing
  • Total Cartons shipped per packing slip
  • Skus backordered or cancelled, if any
  • All substitutions must be noted on the Packing Slip as “Approved Substitution”.

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