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EDI Packing And UPC Requirements For Nordstrom EDI Vendors

EDI Packing and UPC guides cover requirements set to all merchandise sent to Nordstrom from its vendors. Merchandise must be packaged according to these guidelines. Any EDI Packing and UPC variances will cause delays and may result in expense off set fees.

  • Packing slips should not be used for EDI shipments
  • Pack in conveyable corrugated carton following the recommended carton size.
  • Pack each purchase order separately. Shipping cartons should be packed one style, color and size (SKU) per carton.
  • Multiple SKU cases may be sent if there are 4 or less of each SKU with a maximum of 8 individual SKUs per case. Each SKU must be separated in the case by corrugation, tissue paper or Kraft paper to keep from mixing.
  • All items must be individually polybagged, fully sealed and have a UPC barcode label or hangtag with no retail attached to the item as well as the outside of each polybag.
  • Shoeboxes must be secured individually with a rubber band (flat retainer rubber bands preferred).

UPC Barcode Stickers

All goods shipped to Nordstrom.com must have a UPC barcode sticker attached to the outside of each item’s polybag.

• VPN/Style
• Brief Description (from PO)
• Color Description (from PO)
• Size
• UPC Barcode (Scannable and Human Readable)

In addition to the UPC barcode sticker attached to the outside of each individual item’s polybag, ensure a UPC hangtag or UPC label is attached to each item inside the polybag. Do not ticket with event (Anniversary, Half-Yearly) retail price however MSRP is acceptable.

Nordstrom is an environmentally responsible company. The company encourages the use of environmentally sensitive packaging materials (recycled and recyclable). Avoid excess packaging by using material that maximizes protection while minimizing an environmental impact.

All hanging merchandise must be individually polybagged unless they are sold as a multiple piece selling unit. In those cases, the individual selling unit pieces should be packed in the same hanging polybag. All hanging merchandise should be shipped flat in cartons.

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