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Trading Partner Accountabilities

Implementing purchase order consolidation is a collaborative process. Below are given GS1 recommended action steps and key best practices for business trading partners to consider.

  1. Agree on Business Process.
    • Determine what departments or categories of business can be consolidated
    • Agree on any type of product that should not be consolidated
  2. Review EDI Mapping for Order Consolidation Structure
    • Review with business and technical areas
    • Review how the structure is different from other order or shipment types
  3. Prepare for Implementation
    • Choose test trading partner(s)
    • Share mapping guides for trading partners
    • Create test transactions
    • Notify all impacted areas of the change
  4. Assess Readiness to Transact
    • Determine if test transactions were successful; resolve issues
    • Review process changes with cross functional team (store, DC, sales, merchants)
  5. Review Initial Shipments
    • Audit test shipments for compliance and accuracy
  6. Full Implementation
    • Go/No-Go Decision
    • Notify trading partners that order consolidation is available
    • Continue to assess benefits of process.

As business partners discuss implementation of order consolidation, all these points should be considered. To learn more about EDI and become a certified EDI Professional please visit our course schedule page.

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