EDI Platform Selection

EDI Platform Selection (Ameritech’s EDI Billing Program)

EDI Platform selection phase is only applicable to first time EDI implementations or companies that will use a separate EDI system for their payment processing. The objective of this phase is to evaluate and select the components required to perform EDI transmissions. The major components are an EDI translator and a Communication Link.

EDI Translator

The EDI translator converts application data to EDI formatted data or vice versa. There are several commercially available translator packages on the market and based on the requirements established in the previous phase, trading partners will need to evaluate and select the translator that will best meet their needs. The custom development costs of this component cannot be justified for most companies.

Communication Link

The Communication Link refers to the communication software package, the modem hardware, the telephone line, and the Value Added Network. There are many communication software packages on
the market that each trading partner will need to evaluate to be able to select a package that meets their individual requirements. The trading partner must also select one of two types of phone lines, dial-up or direct. For most companies dial-up is more than adequate. If data volume is very high, a direct line may be cost justified. As for a value added network, Ameritech offers access to the Ameritech Gateway at no cost for their EDI Billing Products.

For companies already doing EDI with other VANs, interconnection to these VANs may be available, but trading partners will incur the cost of transmitting data through this network. Ameritech requests that you submit the Trading Partner Profile during this phase of the implementation. The Trading Partner Profile will provide the necessary technical information for electronic data transmission.

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