EDI Point

EDI Point and Time of Delivery (Continental Automotive)

EDI Point and Time of Delivery requirements are essential for Continental suppliers. In case the Supplier is not able to meet the date in the Delivery Schedule, Continental shall be notified immediately in writing. Faster or special transportation are to be arranged by Supplier, in the first place. Only in special cases and previously agreed with Continental, Continental may support in organizing the set-up of a premium freight.

Additional costs for any faster transportation (e.g. premium freights, hand carry etc.) that may be necessary to ensure that the Contract Products arrive at the respective Continental location on the date in the Delivery Schedule, shall be borne by the Supplier. Continental reserves the right to charge to Supplier all additional costs connected with above mentioned special transportation and/or any delivery delay. Including premium freights, that Continental may incur with its customers caused by the late delivery of the Contract Products from the Supplier to Continental.

No matter which Party is organizing the premium freight the costs are charged according to cost-by-cause principle. In case of emergency delivery, Supplier has to ensure full transparency and open communication channels during the transit time of the products until they are received at Continental ordering plant (e.g. mobile phone, tracking details etc.).

Deviations from the Delivery Schedule (part deliveries, deliveries before the deadline or deviation quantities and additional deliveries) caused by Supplier shall be carried out following prior agreement with the respective Continental location.reserves the right to reject or return at Suppliers’ expense any delivery of Contract Products received before or after the arrival date or in excess of the quantity specified in the Delivery Schedule. Continental shall have no obligation to accept delivery of or pay for Contract Product manufactured and/or delivered in advance of or in excess of any Production Release or Material Release provided to Supplier in the Delivery Schedule. For Contract Products received before the delivery date or in excess of the scheduled quantity Continental reserves the right to place the excess material into storage at cost to Supplier along with all associated handling and associated storage costs. The acceptance of delayed delivery shall not be a waiver to the reimbursement claim to which Continental is entitled.

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