EDI Procedure Test To Productive Use (Daimler AG EDI Processing)

EDI Procedure TestEDI Procedure Test must be completed before setting up an EDI connection with any of Daimler AG plants. As soon as vendor has completed the preparations at location for setting up an EDI interface, he should make sure he has completed the below mentioned steps before setting up an EDI connection.

EDI Procedure test with T-Systems

  • Line connections must be tested before any data interchanges with plants.
  • Please contact T-Systems
    Email: edi.hotline@t-systems.com
    Phone: 0049 (0)39159762016
  • The Daimler AG has to assign it, if this is the first data transmission between the data sender and the Daimler AG.
  • After the procedure tests have been successfully completed, please contact your contact persons at the Daimler AG plants.

EDI Procedure test of transfer of call-up data according to VDA 4905/4915

  • Tests will be carried on the transmission of VDA 4905/4915 call-up messages to you from each plant.
  • To set up the tests, please get in touch with the plant contact persons

EDI Procedure test of transmission of delivery note and transport data according to VDA 4913

The transmission of the data can be send to the Daimler plant Sindelfingen, if the data sender the test data VDA4913 developed. You have to note, that no delivery number in the plant Sindelfingen which was already booked in the last 12 months can be used. For this reason you can use a pseudo address for example: 99999999 and also a pseudo send address for example: 99999999.

After the test data were sent, the data sender has to control the rightness of the data transmission in the DQM-System (Data Quality Management). You will get the access through the supplier system. If the test data is not correct and they have an error, than the data sender has to eliminate the errors and the mapping for right data transmission must adapted in future.

The data sender must inform our DQM-CUHD about the successful test data transmission, if the test data was correct (status green in DQM).
After that, the CUHD will inform all Daimler plants for the connection of the data sender as a new member for the bill delivery data transmission.

  • If the test data successfully transmitted in the DQM cannot be found, than possibly a hierarchy mistake exists. The hierarchy mistakes are apparent in the DQM in the function transmission data under search transmission data packets (D101).
  • If it doesn’t an EDL processing (another service provider), then the field ”supplier number (EDL)” should not be filled in the sentence type 714 in place 77-85 with the supplier’s number. Please leave the field empty.
  • Only when an EDL processing with the transaction key 40, the supplier’s number may be entered here.
  • If you have supplier relationships with the Sindelfingen plant, Sindelfingen will be the pilot plant for sending the VDA 4913 delivery note and transport data message.

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