EDI Process

EDI Process At Myer (Strategic Operational Principles)

EDI Process encompasses the following strategic principles: it is crucial that the efficiency of day-to-day Supply Chain operations are maximised through EDI. Myer will operate Strategic Partnerships with its suppliers based on a set of high-level principles:

  • Myer will buy on behalf of the customers, not sell on behalf of its suppliers
  • Shared economic responsibility
  • All Suppliers will be treated fairly
  • Suppliers will be given due notice of compliance requirements and the consequences of non-compliance will be clearly communicated
  • Mutual commitment to fact based negotiation. To do this Myer will adopt world’s best practice principles whereby:
    • Initial orders are generated based on forecasts
    • Re-orders are generated based on actual sales data
    • Orders will be reflective of customer demand
    • Smaller more frequent orders, lower inventory levels and reduced level of Out-of-Stocks
    • Communication of order information fast, efficient, and accurate
    • Distribution centre processing times will be minimised
    • Supplier lead times more efficient to improve Speed-to-Market
    • Forecast Demand is mutually agreed with Suppliers
    • Smoother Receipt flow of Indent merchandise
    • Store stocks reflective of Customer demand
    • Poor Selling items are actioned quickly
    • Where relevant, Replenishment based Sales are utilised

In today’s Global economy, most businesses are focused on controlling costs. It is crucial that the efficiency of day-to-day Supply Chain operations are maximised. Myer has actively phased in various quick response strategies and business practices, including EDI, for the past few years to meet this challenge. Myer needs strategic EDI suppliers who are:

  • Pro-active and focused on securing a competitive advantage in their area of expertise and are leaders in their industry sector
  • Committed to working closely with Myer meet its customers’ needs
  • Committed to developing efficient short cycle EDI operations to fulfil customer demand in the most cost effective manner
  • Committed to ongoing quality and service improvement.

To learn more about EDI and become a certified  EDI Professional please visit our course schedule page.

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