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EDI Processing – general guidelines and terms

EDI Processing at AT&T means one or more 811 transactions. Also this includes the required EDI Enveloping. AT&T produces via EDI Processing bills in 10 separate cycles throughout the month. Large customers may have bills produced in many or all of these cycles. Customers receive their EDI telecommunications bills on the same bill cycles as the paper bills. AT&T places EDI Processing billing data into a customer’s mailbox for each bill cycle. It expects an electronic, functional acknowledgment (997 Transaction Set) within 48 hours of receipt of the 811. Additionally, the company expects bill payment by the bill’s due date. AT&T EDI Processing retransmits 811 transaction sets upon request. It is done for up to 30 days after the original transmission.

EDI Enveloping

EDI Enveloping has two components:

  • Interchange Envelope (ISA/IEA)
  • Functional Group Envelope (GS/GE).

The EDI Processing Interchange Envelope routes the transaction through telecommunications links from the sender to the receiver. It also has security, authorization codes, and transaction version information. The company does not use the ISA envelope’s security and authorization features for EDI Processing Billing Transactions. The Functional Group envelope groups a series of like transactions into a single envelope. The 811 Transaction Set uses the CI (Consolidated Invoice) Functional Group Identifier. It is the only functional group that AT&T sends.

EDI Transactions

EDI ProcessingTransactions are a series of data segments and elements that represent common business documents in a standardized computer readable format. AT&T uses the 811-transaction set as developed by the ASC X12 standards committee. The company also follows industry guidelines established by the Telecommunications Industry Forum (OBF) EDI Committee.  AT&T is an active member of this industry group.

EDI Acknowledgment Processing

EDI Processing Acknowledgments are a control mechanism to ensure the successful delivery of EDI documents through telecommunications links. The 997-transaction set is the most common acknowledgment document. It is the one required by Ameritech. The 997 Functional Acknowledgment communicates to the document sender that the EDI transaction was successfully received and that the document complies with X12 standards. But it does not authorize the content of the transaction. One acknowledgment per functional group is expected within 48 hours of receipt of AT&T transmission. Most commercial translator software provides optional automatic acknowledgment processing.

EDI Payment Processing

AT&T offers the ability to pay telecommunications bills electronically using the ASC X12 820 Payment Order/Remittance Advice transaction. An EDI Bill Payment transaction allows a customer to consolidate several phone bills into a single payment. This process and transaction is detailed in the EDI Bill Payment Implementation Guide, which may be obtained from your AT&T Account Representative.

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