EDI Program

EDI Program (Purchase Orders Union Pacific)

EDI program requires inter-departmental coordination and a fresh look at many current business processes. In Union Pacific EDI program there is a wealth of information available: periodicals, commercially available training programs, EDI conferences and trade shows, software and network suppliers, and – perhaps best of all – the sharing of experience by companies already participating in EDI. As with any new program, securing top management support is important. Additionally, EDI does require a modest up-front investment. Equally important, achieving the full potential of EDI

Purchase Orders

All sales to Union Pacific require a purchase order number. Suppliers should not ship merchandise or perform services without a purchase order or contract. Orders placed by telephone also require a purchase order number, and these orders will be confirmed. To ensure proper identification of shipments and payment without delay, purchase order numbers and UP item numbers must appear on all shipments, delivery slips, invoices and other sales-related documents.

Payment on orders are made when the supplier presents Union Pacific with a supporting invoice showing the purchase order number and UP item numbers. Prompt payment discounts are taken from the date of receipt of your invoice. Union Pacific Accounts Payable has implemented a 100% electronic invoicing environment and no longer accepts paper purchase order (PO) invoices. Invoices received by Accounts Payable in the mail will not be processed.

Either Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) or email may be used to receive requests for bids and quotations and send invoices. Union Pacific encourages you to discuss with your Supply representative the potential for your company to do business with us using EDI or email. The speed, accuracy and reduction in paperwork which result from using these two processes are major benefits to both your company and Union Pacific.

Additional steps in implementing EDI include:

  • Software development/purchase
  • Communications development/purchase
  • Identification of a trading partner base
  • Mapping of transaction sets
  • Testing with trading partners
  • Internal training.

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