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EDI Purchase Orders (Production With Boot Barn)

EDI Purchase Orders in production must reflect the correct unit cost/price, units ordered, terms, freight conveyance method, discounts, BB style numbers, sizes and colors. If a purchase order is received by the vendor and there are discrepancies, the appropriate merchandise manager is to be notified immediately.

The goods on the purchase order in question are NOT TO BE SHIPPED until you receive a corrected purchase order.

Purchase Order Ship Date and Arrival Date

Timeliness of delivery is a very important aspect of Boot Barn merchandise procurement process. An order delivered past the desired delivery date creates out-of-stock situations which reduces Boot Barn service levels. Early orders cause interruptions in receiving other scheduled orders. A Boot Barn purchase order will indicate two dates. It is essential that vendor understand what these dates represent.

  • PO TO-ARRIVE ON: This is the date Boot Barn wants the purchase order to arrive at the designated Boot Barn location (listed on the purchase order).
  • CANCEL, IF NOT RECEIVED BY: This is the date the purchase order will automatically cancel in the Boot Barn system. Orders delivered at the store location outside of this date can be refused and automatically returned to the vendor at the vendor’s expense.

Purchase Order Lead Time

It is the vendor’s responsibility to advise the buyer/merchandising manager of any anticipated changes in order lead-time. Unanticipated changes in order lead-time cause service-level problems. By having an advanced notice of shipping delays, Boot Barn will be able to accurately adjust its plan and forecasts. Purchase Order Price Changes Boot Barn requires a 90-day advanced notice of any cost/price increases.

Back Orders

Back orders produce inefficiencies in Boot Barn supply chain and increase handling and freight expenses. Boot Barn encourages vendors to ship complete and allow only one back order per purchase order. Boot Barn will issue a non-compliance chargeback for all freight costs incurred in the return of back-ordered merchandise, if shipped.

To learn more about EDI Purchase Orders and partner integration please visit our course schedule page.

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