EDI Purchase Orders

EDI Purchase Orders (Setup By Medclick Proclick)

EDI Purchase Orders can be created, authorized and sent using the procedure steps explained in the blog below. The Purchase Orders list (see Figure above) provides information about all of your purchase orders:

  • To display the Purchase Orders list, from the Materials Management main Contents, select Purchasing > Purchase Orders (by PO) or Purchase Orders (by Create Date).
    The list of POs ordered by PO number or by create date (as you selected) appears.

Several columns on the list provide special information for EDI purchase orders.

  1. The Comm Method (communications method) column (in the red box) contains the value EDI
  2. The Comm Status (communications status) column indicates whether the PO was sent, or not sent, and whether the vendor returned an acknowledgment, with values as follows:
    • Sent – The PO has been sent; 
    • Not Sent – The PO has not been sent.
    • Acknowledged As Is – The vendor has acknowledged the PO and there are no problems or changes in any lines. The next action on the PO is shipping by the vendor.
    • Acknowledge/Changed – The vendor has acknowledged the PO, and has noted changes needed to one or more of its lines. Some lines may be rejected entirely. The buyer needs to review the problems, and contact the vendor to resolve them.
    • Rejected – The vendor has acknowledged the PO, and has rejected all of its lines.

Notice in Figure that PO 0804116 has not been authorized (or sent). A purchase order must be authorized before it can be sent to a vendor using EDI. You can authorize and send an EDI purchase order in one step. Or, you can authorize an EDI purchase order, and send it at a later time. In Figure, PO 0804113 has been authorized, to be sent later.

Further to the right on the Purchase Orders list are two other columns of interest (not visible in Figure):

  • Extract Status – Extracted for Transfer: The PO has been extracted and exported, but not yet forwarded to the vendor.
  • Transmission Complete: The PO has been extracted, exported, and forwarded to the vendor. – To view detailed export information, select Menu > View Exports. The following information is displayed:
    • Export Date – The date and time when the PO was sent.
    • Export User – The user who sent the PO.
    • Total Cost – The total cost of the PO (for all lines).
    • Total Lines – The total number of lines.
    • Extract Status – The extract status.
    • Message – Any relevant messages or diagnostics.
  • Confirm Status – For EDI purchase orders, the Confirm Status is set to Confirmed when a PO Confirmation Import is processed. The Confirm Status is set to Confirmed/Reviewed when the View EDI Confirm Exceptions menu option is selected from the Purchase Orders list menu.

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