EDI Reasoning Analysis: implementation approaches and cost calculation

EDI reasoning analysisEDI Reasoning Analysis is one of the ways to streamline new approach for companies when they still hesitate if EDI implementation is beneficial. Usually companies choose implementing in-house EDI solutions. This approach means taking an existing solution, licensing it, customizing and integrating into a company’s e-business environment or in a newly developed structure. This way of EDI implementation means regular money spending for constant software maintenance, upgrading, networking, hardware support, staff and real-time team for solving problems that may occur. One should remember that EDI team must consist of skilled professionals who need constant development and raising EDI knowledge level. EDI core implementation can not be released without regular trainings and seminars for EDI staff. Global electronic data interchange standards are constantly developing and trading partners create new requirements for partnership.

Today large hubs’ EDI Reasoning Analysis result supports hosted EDI solutions initiative. Electronic accounting applications are successfully implemented by business giants with no hesitation. One of the reasons for this is that today’s EDI providers are represented by expert companies with much experience and highly skilled staff. The reliability of such service is based upon expertise in EDI applications developing and integration, high level of security, backup service, real-time support and monitoring teams. EDI providers may offer different hosting programs depending on a company’s size, electronic documents turnover, quantity of trading partners and plans for further e-commerce development. Every interested party may find the best cost-saving solution for itself.

EDI Reasoning AnalysisHosted EDI solutions examples often show higher functionality level and fewer expenses in comparison to integrated in-house solutions. In other words, company management can decide to integrate EDI into company’s accounting and forget about monitoring it. A chosen hosting partner (EDI provider) will take all that work under control and will operate it for a definite monthly payment.

EDI Reasoning Analysis shows there is a major difference between two described approaches; however, it is difficult to define which one is the best. Every company chooses the way of EDI implementation that suits company’s mission best. Two above presented methods has their pluses and minuses, but, anyway, both of them have a positive influence on worldwide EDI business integration.

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