EDI retail solution

EDI Retail Solution – a global instrument for controlling business workflow

EDI retail solution can be regarded as a powerful instrument to control a huge process of goods production and their distribution. This flows together with accompanying documents exchange. The correct flow of retail operations will anyway demand tones of paper. Everyday papers include orders, invoices, catalogues, labels, bills of landing etc. EDI retail solution is developing fast because it is one of the most applicable and profitable solutions for modern market.

During documents exchange both manufacturer and retailer may loose control and opportunity to keep tracking of the business workflow. The process is intensive and the quantity of operations is constantly growing. Transactions should be reordered by a computer system or an application. This can ease the processing, control and evaluation of operations as well as reduce administrative work. As a result of this both parties can exclude delays and therefore increase turnover.

EDI retail solution gives the possibility to send orders and invoices simply pressing a button. Other documents (transactions) can be easily converted from the initial one. This happens using the transmitted information in the system. EDI reduces manual intervention and minimizes mistakes. Everything is done according to the set standards and developed guidelines.

Thousands of retail companies from grocery sector, healthcare, telecomunications etc. are currently using EDI in retail. The process takes place throughout the USA, in Canada and Europe. Electronic trading systems (EDI in retail is a good example of this solution) regulate the flow of goods between parties. The implementation of such systems usually results in total comfortable control of business, reducing manual paper work, speeding up operations, more effective satisfying of clients’ demands and getting more profit. With EDI in retail businesses grow, develop and become more competitive.

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