EDI Schedule Test Period (BWS EDI Testing Phases)

Each test submitter is required to contact the BWC EDI Test Coordinator to schedule a test period. The BWC EDI Test Coordinator will review testing guidelines with the test submitter, address any questions and confirm the scheduled time frames in which each direct-filing Trading Partner/EDI Transaction Partner will submit test files. You may contact the BWC EDI Test Coordinator by utilizing the Customer Support functionality from the ‘Help’ hyperlink on your Dashboard in WCAIS and choosing ‘Submit a Question’. You will need to choose the ‘Employer/Insurer’ category and ‘EDI Generated Form Solution’ subcategory to direct your inquiry in a prompt manner.

In each of the following test processes the Claim Administrator will submit a FROI test file(s) that will establish the test claims that will be utilized in subsequent test steps. The Claim Administrator will send these FROI test files on day 1 of testing, wait for the corresponding Acknowledgment file that will contain the Jurisdiction Claim Number (JCN) and then use this JCN for subsequent processing in those test cases where subsequent processing steps are required. Successful completion of the following test cases will be determined by the following two main criteria:

  1. The correct LIBC form generated for the EDI transaction that was submitted to BWC.
  2. All the data elements on the generated LIBC form populated correctly and there is no missing information.

To learn more about EDI testing and become a certified EDI Professional please visit our course schedule page.

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