EDI Shipment StatusEDI Shipment Status (214): Accurate Pick-Up And Delivery

EDI Shipment Status is likely the most important EDI transaction in logistics. As business partners declare more and more strict requirements to shipping information, EDI Shipment Status is the transaction that is accepted by most parties involved in logistics processes and gives immediate information about shipment.

Of course, there exist other transactions like Inbound Load Tender (204) and Outbound Acceptance (990). However, there are not useful for all the parties. For example, they can provide cost saving efficiency for transport companies but at the same time reflect no interest to customer staff that usually make decisions.

Sometimes incomplete information may become a stumbling block for EDI Shipment Status. In this situation the Load Tender should be used to complete data and make some corrections in the dispatch system. One of the most widespread challenges is sending the codes and reference numbers demanded by the shipper or consignee. But after some first portions are set the next ones will pass successfully.

Precise data filling in may be treated like a training component. This is very useful for operators of the dispatching systems to add messages to the system. The delivery will be successful only after shipment arrives due to the schedule together with the accurate accompanying information.

EDI Shipment Status is the transaction that can positively influence your EDI system and logistics in general. Any party involved into logistics processing should not be afraid of transaction integration. The company can choose EDI outsourcing companies providing quick and thorough mapping.

You should always mention that limiting EDI use to fundamental transactions, such as purchase orders and invoices, leaves money on the table and misses an opportunity to strengthen customer service and overall competitiveness. Whether you are looking to plan your labor more effectively, identify cross-docking opportunities, or simply make better use of your space, EDI can help accomplish these goals. It is a valuable tool that is often overlooked or misunderstood.

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