EDI Shipping Documents

EDI Shipping Documents Required For Orchard Suppliers

EDI Shipping Documents are required by Orchard for warehouse and direct-to-store shipments, including the EDI 856 Ship Notice (ASN). EDI Shipping Documents required for each shipment are based on the shipment routing as listed below.

  • Master Bill of Lading consigned to for each trailer.
  • Master Manifest for each trailer.
  • EDI 856 Ship Notice (ASN) for each crossdock and store destination unit number loaded on the trailer.
  • Packing list for each store.

The supplier must include complete and accurate information in all shipping documents. Include only the required shipping documents. Do not include any invoice copies, picking tickets or other internal use documents.

Shipment Manifest

Create one shipment manifest for each warehouse facility and trailer. A shipment manifest is required for warehouse shipments and the PO numbers must be included in the Bill of Lading. Place the manifest with the shipper order copy of the Bill of Lading (BOL) in the bright colored envelope for each warehouse facility.

EDI 856 Ship Notice (ASN)

Transmit an EDI 856 Ship Notice for each PO and destination facility immediately after trailer loading is completed. A valid Ship Notice must be received and processed for each destination facility a minimum of (24) hours prior to trailer arrival at the facility. The supplier must call at least 24 hours in advance for a delivery appointment. Use the serial container codes from the SSCC-18 (UCC/EAN-128) shipping labels in the associated Ship Notice.

EDI Ship Notice References:

  • Ship Notice Timing: Send at time of shipment.
  • Ship Notice Monitoring: Orchard contacts suppliers daily regarding ASN rejections.
  • Rejection Notification: Orchard will send a 997A for accepted or 997R for rejected.

P.O. Discrepancies

P.O. discrepancies, such as damaged and mis-shipped materials, will be communicated by Orchard’s DC to the vendor via email or fax. A maximum of 30 days will be allowed for vendor responses to PO discrepancies, including substitutions, damages or quantity issues. Failure to respond with instructions for disposition of P.O. discrepancies will result in destruction of the mis-shipped or damaged product and a claim.

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