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EDI Shipping And Transportation Guides For True Value Vendors

Shipping And Transportation is a major cost and service component of True Value’s business. Unauthorized routings incur additional supply chain costs and delay the product from reaching True Value Retailers in a timely fashion. Transportation focuses on five (5) categories of compliance:

  • Proper Shipment Routing
  • Authorized Carriers
  • Weight Breaks
  • NMFC Codes and Freight Classes
  • Delivery Appointments/Transit Time (non-approved carriers)

Each shipping carton must display a shipping label identifying True Value RDC #, EDI PO #, ship-from location, ship-to location, bar code, ship-to zip code, and RDC specific location information for each item as included in the EDI file transmitted with each PO (forward bin location). These are required from all Suppliers.

  • Shipping labels will be considered in compliance if each label has accurate and complete information
  • Packing lists must accompany shipments and be prepared according to the Shipping Guidelines
  • Bills of Lading are required for shipments to True Value.

Certain documents are required to accompany each of your shipments to True Value. Inaccurate or incomplete shipping documentation impedes True Value’s ability to provide merchandise to its Retailers at the lowest cost and in a timely fashion. It also causes delays and inefficient operating procedures in handling merchandise and increases the risk of receiving goods in error. The reason for establishing documentation guidelines is to move product from your shipping point to the True Value Retailer in the most efficient manner.

Item bar coding

True Value Retailers depend on fast and efficient transactions; therefore, individual items to be rung on cash registers in the store must have a UPC Version-A bar code with the True Value item identification encoded in the bar code. On True Value controlled label products, a UPC will be assigned by True Value. Inaccurate or missing item bar codes will delay Point-of-Sale transactions and could affect the accuracy of inventory.

To learn more about EDI and become a certified  EDI Professional please visit our course schedule page.

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