EDI Shipping

Carton Packaging and Size Requirements (Gordmans)

EDI approved vendors are required to use UCC-128/GSI-128 label and place on lower right of longest end of cartons.

Bulk Orders Shipped to DC

  • Pack each style separately by size and color.
  • Make sure each carton contains merchandise for one purchase order only.
  • Each item’s cartons must have the same case pack quantity, with the exception of the last carton. If different than the rest of the cartons for that item, it must be labeled “ODD CARTON”.
  • Cartons should be re-shippable.
  • Coordinated tops and bottoms that are sold as separates must be packed in separate cartons and shipped together in the same shipment.
  • Shipments of coordinate groups sold as a set must be packed together in the same carton.
  • Shipments must be trash free.
  • Seal cartons with tape. Do not place bands, straps, or string on cartons, as this could damage Gordmans DC’s sorting and conveyor equipment.
  • Cardboard boxes must be of a quality to safely ride Gordmans conveyor system.
  • Merchandise shipping to stores in inner pack boxes must be of a quality cardboard suitable for shipping.

856 ASN

 Packing lists and ASN must include the following info and must match the shipment exactly:

  • Total pieces shipped per item
  • Total cases shipped per item
  • Total cases shipped for the PO
  • Case pack for each item
  • Total pieces shipped for the PO

ASN’s for premark for stores shipments will not have a consolidated quantity for the entire PO. The quantities will be for each store. Incorrect packing list information can cause delays in processing freight and could result in charge backs from the DC.

When palletizing more than one style per pallet, please layer styles together with each style number listed on the pallet label. If using cartons stamped with shipping information and printed labels, please ensure that the information matches exactly. If it does not, please cross out the stamped information on the carton. This includes any incorrect pictures or symbols.

To learn more about EDI and become a certified EDI Professional please visit our course schedule page.

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