EDI Shipping Label

EDI Shipping Label (Simon and Schuster LPN Requirements)

EDI Shipping Label (standard UCC-128 label format on 4” x 6” or 4” x 7”) should be used that is linked to the ASN transmission.  If you are not capable of generating this format, please use the following guidelines for generating a pallet barcode label. Simon and Schuster does not approve label content. Vendors are responsible for ensuring label content is correct based on the provided purchase order.

EDI Shipping Label (LPN Label) Requirements (to be used if Standard UCC 128 Shipping Label cannot be produced)

A uniquely numbered License Plate Number (LPN) must be applied to all pallets.  This number must be in a standard Serialized Shipping Container Code (SSCC) format and must be linked to the ASN transmission.  Exclude low case letters when creating a LPN.

  •  Bar code Size
    • The bar code must be at least 1.5” in Height and 4“ in Length
  • Label Size
    • The label must be at least 2” in Height and  “5” in Length

The Standard UCC- 128 Shipping Label or LPN label must be put on the lower right corner of each pallet contained in a shipment (must be on the carton and not on the stretch-wrap). When loading pallets onto a trailer, the 128 shipping label or LPN MUST be facing the door of the trailer. This requirement is for ease of receipt on the receiving dock. Please be aware that Vendors will be charged back if Simon and Schuster personnel have to take extra time to handle pallets not loaded onto trailers in this manner.

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